Industrial Revolution

Quality Of Life

Industrial Revolution
Life Before The Industrial Revolution
--Types Of Industry
--Lifestyle Of The People
--Quality Of Life
Beginnings In England
--How It All Started
Spread Of Industry
--Where Did It Spread?
--How Was It Funded?
Major Inventions
Impact On Society
--Lifestyles And Working Conditions
--Quality Of Life
Impact On Movement
--Changes To Transport
Impact On Industry
--How Was Industry Changed?
Impact On Environment

          Before Agricultural revolution the quality of life of the society which for centuries had depend on hunting and gathering to obtain food, clothing and shelter began to provide for their basic physical needs by domesticating plants and animals.Agriculture had a number of advantage over hunting and gatering.Hunting requires skills, endurance and luck.Raising cattle, sheep or other animals gaver people more reliable supply of food and clothing.similarly, people who cultivated plants instead of gathering fruits and vegetables had a better chance of ensuring a good supply of food.A secure and plentiful supply of food encouraged population growth.The product of food took much less time and energy. People had time to develop their special skills and talents to become artisans, merchant, or traders.When they starts to develop to their interests or skills, it is called division of labour.
          There were still some people in the world's remot area who are doing agriculture, hunting etc to meet their basic needs for food, clothing and shelter.After a while, most people starts to live on farms.They worked long hours growing their own food, making their own clothing and collecting fire wood to warm their houses in damp and cold climate.Life was hard and simple, most people were very poor and, if the harvest failed, the risked starvations.
          There were no organized social welfare programs, medical practices were primitive, sickness and disease were common, infant mortality was high and the average life expectany was low.All of this was to change.
          Much ot the farmland in Britian was consolated into large farms through a series of measures, which were passed by the British Parliament. The pupose of act was to make farming more efficent.Over the countries teh farmland in Britian had been divided and subdivided into a large number of small strips.
          Townshed introduced a new system of crop rotation.Traditionally crop were grown in a three-feild system over a three-year period.There was another work specially for women which was very easy and you can do that in your shelter and that was textile industry and it was increased with the einvention of Richard Arkwright. He began fo manufacure a new spinning machine similar to the jenny, but which use sets of rollers to draw cotton from the carding machine.This process produced a much stronger thread.His machine was called a water frams because it was powered by water. It increased the quality of goods produced with out increasing the number of workers needed.There were not so many jobs but there were so many workers needed jobs and thern they began to start a new occupation by their self.They worked long days about 16 hours and prospered without a formal education.There were no any courses or any place to go and learn something or school.
          People became alittle faster and didnt waste their time on traveling from one place to another place by their feets because they invented a new machine called train.They traveled by that and  they also transfered their stuffs from one place to another place.
          There is no doubt that the changes which occured in Britain in the 18th century had a major effect on the lives of people.Agriculture became more efficient, which led to increased crop surpluses. Wealthy land owners accumulated capital and used it to develop new ideas.Inventor such as Arkwright and Hargreaves mechaniced the textile industry and helped to create a factory system which emplyed the people displaced by the Enclosure Acts.While many people suffered during these changes.Britian became a very powerful industry nation.The canges in Britain soon spread to Europe and North America.
          The small arms industry developed rapidly in the American colonies during the War of independece. when hostilities broke out between the colonies and the Britain in 1775, the British navy blockaded teh North American colonies.Making weapons and precision tools was a problem at this time because everything was made by hand. Each item was custom-made by craftspeople; parts were not interchangable.