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Industrial Revolution


Industrial Revolution
Life Before The Industrial Revolution
--Types Of Industry
--Lifestyle Of The People
--Quality Of Life
Beginnings In England
--How It All Started
Spread Of Industry
--Where Did It Spread?
--How Was It Funded?
Major Inventions
Impact On Society
--Lifestyles And Working Conditions
--Quality Of Life
Impact On Movement
--Changes To Transport
Impact On Industry
--How Was Industry Changed?
Impact On Environment

Here are some of the items we used for our research and for creating this site:

<DIV>- Dictionary</DIV>
<DIV>- Industrial Revolution Textbooks</DIV>
<DIV>- America Textbooks</DIV>
<DIV>- World History Textbook</DIV>

- Wikipedia

- Internet Websites

- Google

- Encarta

- Encyclopedias